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The undulating topography of the Scottish Borders will see us wind through the hills taking in the panoramic vistas, visiting abbey's, castles, stately homes, quaint and charming towns and villages. Of course there is the 'border crossing' itself between Scotland and England. With so much to see in the Scottish Borders it's difficult to create a tour that will show your everything, however we have highlighted some our favourite attractions, places and views that will let you take great memories away. We will not be able to visit all the attractions, stately home and castles listed below, but it will give you an idea of what can be visited. If you would rather visit another location within the Scottish Borders, just contact us and we will try to incorporate your wishes.

Portencross Caslte

Portencross Caslte

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Approximate Return Time 18:00

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Personalised Day Tours start at with a special introductory offer at only £200 (including VAT) for two people.

Note that some of the attractions are only open on specific days and at specific times. In order to personalise this tour to meet your needs, we have suggested some alternative attractions that are in the same area as the above itinerary. Please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs. 

A Dramtic sky over the Isle of Arran

A Dramtic sky over the Isle of Arran