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Hi there, my name is Grant and I'm the owner of Scotland Day Tours, thanks for visiting our website and taking an interest in our personalised day tours. I was born in Edinburgh and have lived there most of my life.

I started the company in early 2016, with the aim to make sure you have the best personalised day tour while in Scotland, with so many great locations to see and visit I know you'll be spoiled for choice.

One of my passions is to explore Scotland and showing the countries beauty of to others. I hope that you will join me in discovering the ever changing Scottish countryside.

I've travelled all over the world ranging from New Zealand, the bush of Australia, the jungles of South and Central America, but it's Scotland where I've always called home.

My interests include photography and walking to stunning viewpoints. All the photographs contained on the website have been taken by myself, including some from tours. When on a tour the camera always comes with me as Scotland is always a country of surprises. Even when the clouds are covering the highest mountain peaks, the atmospheric views are still enchanting.

With so many wonderful scenic locations, it is difficult to list them all, however I've listed a few of my favourite places in Scotland, why not come along and see them for yourself.


Glen Coe


No matter whether is pouring down with rain, eerily clouded in mist or basking in sunshine, Glen Coe in my opinion is one of the most scenic places in Scotland.  There sheer beauty of the landscape makes the location a must see when visiting.  There’s something about the light hitting the great mountainous peaks that appeals to me.

Shrouded in history the area is famous for the massacre which took place in 1692, thankfully the Glen is more peaceful these days and is a major attraction.

Thanks to the size of the vehicle, we can make more stops in the Glen Coe area than larger tour buses, plus this area of Scotland should be appreciated for its rugged beauty, so we can always stay a bit longer.

The climb up from Tyndrum, through Bridge of Orchy and onto Loch Tulla only build ups the anticipation as you cross Rannoch Moor. The sense of just how remote you are really becoming apparent when it’s just you, the road and the landscape. Entering Glen Coe from the east is always may favourite part, the wide expanses and remoteness of the moor, gives way to the ski centre and then straight in front is probably my favourite mountain Buachaille Etive Mor, only 3,353ft high. Trust me it’s a formidable and impressive work of nature.  As soon as you pass that peak, another peak comes into view Buachaille Etive Beag, slightly lower at 3,140 ft. As the Glen starts to narrow there something immense looking at the power of the water, aptly named the Meeting of the Three Waters. We normally make a stop here to appreciate natures power at carving out the waterfall. On one very windy day in December 2016, seeing some of the water being blown up back over the waterfall was an interesting occurrence.  Driving through the narrowest part (the pass of Glen Coe), it soon time for another one of my favourite viewpoints, the three sisters and the great curtain of mountain – Aonach Eagach. The landscape as you leave Glen Coe changes dramatically, from the wildness and rugged terrain to the postcard perfect views of Ballachulish and Loch Leven.  Even driving in the through the Glen in the opposite direction allows the area to be seen in a different way.

So, if you want to see some of the very best scenery Scotland has to offer, any trip including Glen Coe is the one that I would highly recommend. We visit Glen Coe on our personalised tours to Fort William and Oban.


Forth Bridges/South Queensferry


Only a short distance away from Edinburgh City Centre is the UNESCO world heritage site of South Queensferry. So why do I love this area of Scotland, simple, there are three bridges spanning the River Forth, connecting Edinburgh and Fife. The original bridge, The Forth Bridge is an engineering masterpiece with construction starting in 1882 and opening of the bridge complete in 1890. The cantilever railway bridge was recently voted Scotland’s greatest man-made structure in 2016.  The memorial here gives an indication of the cost to human life in building the bridge. The bridge is the second longest single cantilever bridge in the world, measuring 1,709 feet. Comparing the Forth Bridge with the newly completed Queensferry Crossing (opened in 2017), the three-tower design catches the eye for its modern look. Not to be outdone, the village of South Queensferry retains a charm that makes it very popular with tourists and locals, particularly in the summer months. Many an ice cream has been devoured watching the world go by from the various viewpoint around the town

As this location is so close to Edinburgh, we can make this one of the first stop on many of our tours.

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